The Internet Reveals Some Of The Saddest Valentine’s Day Fails

How was your Valentine’s Day? Probably better than these lovers…

Valentine’s Day- the holiday known for grand romantic gestures. Or as the internet has taught us- grand romantic failures.

Whether you bought your partner a bouquet of roses, or a box of chocolates, one thing is for certain, it was probably more of a romantic gesture than some of the gifts given by these online users.

One woman on Instagram shared a picture of the gift her partner got her, and let’s just say it wasn’t the most romantic gesture. @FinallyFoundMe posted a photo of the scale (Yep! Scale!) that she received from her significant other. Or as she now calls him, her ‘insignificant other.’ It seems he has hinting for her to lose weight, but pretty sure we can all agree, if there’s anything she needs to lose, it’s him.

Meanwhile, a Twitter user revealed the bouquet of daffodils she had received from her partner. Unfortunately, they were mostly dead. Which is ironically also what he ended up as after giving those flowers. At least she had some left-over flowers to leave at his funeral.

Sian Easterbrook on Twitter posted a photo of the Happy Valentine’s Day banner she bought at the supermarket chain Tesco in the UK. When she hung it up, she realised it actually spelled out ‘Nappy’ Valentine’s Day. Let’s just say, after the shock of seeing the sign, she regretted not wearing a nappy.

While these Valentine’s Day failures may seem incredibly tragic, let’s just remember that it’s the effort that counts. Unless you’re that guy who bought the scales, in which case, try harder dammit!