Dad Buys Son A Dinosaur That’s Delivered By Crane

A dad bought his son a dinosaur statue without realising its size

A dad decided to buy his son Theo a dinosaur statue after he asked for “the biggest Carnotaur you’ve ever seen.” Talk about demanding!

The dad endeavoured to source a dinosaur online. No word if he contacted Steve Price on social media. He ended up finding the perfect statue for almost two-thousand AUD after an amusement park held a sale for old stock. It’s unclear as to why- possibly because they’re made of asbestos and park health standards have changed?

The online listing didn’t specify any measurements, and the dad only had a small thumbnail image to work out its size. It should’ve been placed next to a can of coke for comparison.

According to The Sun, he “knew he would be big…” but to his surprise, when it turned up to his door, it was a whopping 5-meters long x 2.3 meters high.

Luckily the dinosaur was in good condition, or else the delivery return fee would’ve bankrupted the family.

The dinosaur, later named Chaz, had to be delivered by crane, with the dad saying “the thought did cross my mind that if Chaz were to drop or fall through a roof, I was imagining the phone call to my insurance broker…”

After the delivery, his son Theo didn’t want to go to school because he refused to leave him home alone. Good to know when you try to make your kids happy, they always demand more!