Will A Billboard Help This British Man Find Love?

A British man rented a billboard to advertise his single-status to the world

Thirty-year-old British man, Mark Rofe, had been struggling on the dating apps for quite some time.

Then one day, he jokingly said to his friends, “I should put my face on a big billboard.” And that’s exactly what he did.

He paid $830AUD to hire a billboard for two weeks in Manchester, which sounds like a lot of money, but 1004 people have already submitted applications! He probably would’ve surpassed that number if he placed the billboard opposite the office of divorce lawyers.

The billboard includes a photo of Mark lying down, with the words ‘Date Mark’ written in large bold letters. He doesn’t specify what his sexual orientation is, so half of those applications have been from men. However, according to the BBC, he said, “I’m still flattered.”

The billboard encourages potential applicants to visit his website The website features such interesting details as his height (6 ft), number of friends (2), and the length of his index finger (6.82cm), which we can only assume would be for effectively getting the attention of a waiter.

He even has a written testimonial from his colleague who says, “Mark, this is a silly idea, and it’s never going to work,” and a friend who states, “This is the most desperate thing I’ve ever seen. Please don’t include my name on the testimonial.”

Hopefully Mark can find love, and if he doesn’t, he can always spend some more time with his beloved billboard.