Bali’s Bunnings Bushfire Sausage Sizzle

A traditional Bunnings sausage sizzle in Seminyak is raising funds for the Red Cross Fire Relief Fund

What you need to know
  • The Botanica Bar in Bali is raising funds for bushfire relief
  • A traditional Bunnings sizzle is selling snags and Bintang beer

As bushfires continue to rage across the country, there’s been an outpouring of support and donations to those fighting these extreme weather conditions from all over the world. Now, we’re seeing a unique and quintessentially Aussie fundraiser in Indonesia.

So, get ready for some alliteration because there’s a Bunnings-style sausage sizzle at Seminyak’s Botanica Bar in Bali. It’s a great idea, and it makes sense considering about 90% of the population there is Australian.

Photos posted to the page’s Instagram account show that, other than the BBQ being in the carpark of a Bunnings, it’s a pretty authentic setup. There’s a bloke with a pair of tongs turning sausages on a grill, serving the snags on a piece of plain white bread with tomato sauce and mustard.

Source: Botanica Bar Instagram

Though, unlike the Australian sizzles, the snag is washed down with a nice cool bottle of Bintang. Also, somewhat controversially, fried onions seem to be very much on the menu, presumably because Indonesian OH&S laws are not as strict as Australia’s because of today’s un-Australian snowflake generation that destroys everything the Anzacs fought for.

The point is, it’s a great initiative that allows Aussies in Bali to enjoy a taste of home and help the victims of one of the country’s worst bushfire seasons. Speaking to Pedestrian.TV, the executive chef and general manager of Botanica said: “People come up [to us] and say ‘my friends and family had to evacuate. We can’t talk to them much, we know they’re safe, but we don’t know how to give them money.’”

The menu offers three options (1) a sausage, (2) a beer and (3) a beer and sausage.

The menu is pretty good value too. A sausage is 25K ($2.58 AUD), a bottle of Bintang is 35K ($3.61 AUD) or you can get the meal deal for 50K ($5.16 AUD). It is unclear if you can find a cheaper snag elsewhere whether they will beat the price by 10%.

Either way, it’s a great idea raising funds for a much-needed cause, so if you’re in Bali or know someone over there, send them to Botanica Bar to get a snag or to just make a donation.