Would You Pay Two Thousand Pounds To Sit On Santa’s Lap?

It better be a pretty amazing lap

Christmas is the most exciting time for kids, the presents, the food and the giant red man sneaking around your house. But the most exciting Christmas activity of all is visiting your local mall and getting to sit on the lap of a stranger dressed as Santa Claus. Well, if you decide to visit the Santa at the uber-expensive London department store: Harrods, then be prepared to fork out a huge chunk of change for your kids to get some lap time with old Saint Nick. Harrods demands customers spend a minimum of two thousand pounds at the store before they’re allowed to enter the Christmas Grotto – where the kids get to meet Santa.


This nightmare of a place

Harrods partnered with Swarvoski to create a secret forest grotto were families can…

"Discover a snow-covered woodland filled with sparkling surprises that will leave little ones mesmerized by the magic of Christmas. Then meet our very special visitor – Father Christmas, of course – for a family experience like no other."

A spokesperson for Harrods explained to the Guardian that they need to have a £2,000 spend minimum because of high demand….

"We care hugely about making a visit to the Grotto as magical as possible, and tickets are extremely limited due to the number of slots we can facilitate in-store. Unfortunately, we simply cannot meet the demand for places.”

A lot of people were obviously unhappy about this exclusive Father Christmas Club, one such person was father of four James Browne who told the Guardian…

"I think the owners need to have a long hard look at the longer-term impact on their business for the thousands of children who won’t grow up with a fond feeling for the store."

Harrods, presumably in response to criticism, decided to give away 160 tickets to families for free, so they can meet Kris Kringle after wandering around the store and looking at all the stuff they can’t afford.