Wrapping A Gift Poorly Makes The Gift Seem More Impressive

New research reveals that perfectly wrapping a gift creates higher expectations of what’s inside

Do you sweat over perfectly wrapping your Christmas gifts? Do you spend way too long folding and cutting and sticking? Well, apparently you’ve been wasting your time. Yeah, sorry.

New research out of the University of Nevada has found that a perfectly wrapped gift makes the gift-receiver have high expectations of what’s inside. Whereas a poorly wrapped gift lowers expectations, so the gift receiver is pleasantly surprised when the gift isn’t a piece of garbage.

That’s why I dress terribly, so I can blow people away with my great personality. I’m way more charismatic than my jumpsuit smeared in dirt.

According to the researchers, this only applies to friends. When it comes to acquaintances, it’s a very different story. If you poorly wrap a gift for an acquaintance, they will perceive it as you not valuing the relationship. Also, if you want to damage the relationship further, call them ‘an acquaintance’ to their face. They really hate that.

Marketing expert Jessica Rixom, who lead the study, said, “When we receive a gift from a friend, we use the wrapping paper as a cue about the gift inside…”

Despite the wrapping quality impacting someone’s perception of the gift, the study found that “desirable gifts are still liked more than undesirable gifts, regardless of wrapping neatness…” So if someone perfectly wraps a box, they probably won’t be disappointed if there are keys to a brand new Mazda 3 inside.

However, if you perfectly wrap a bicycle (that’s clearly a bicycle), and the person has high expectation of it being something other than a bicycle, then that’s on them!

This is a very impressive study, or maybe I just think that because it was given to me in terribly wrapped paper.