How Much More Productive Are Happy Workers?

We now know how much more productive happy workers are, to an exact percentage

A new study conducted by the University of Oxford’s Business School and British telecoms firm BT has found that happy workers are 13% more productive than those who are unhappy.

No word if the researchers were happy during this study, so the results may be off by about 13%.

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Now 13% may not seem like a lot, but when you add up all your happy employees, that can have quite a significant financial impact on a business.

The study was conducted at a call centre over a six-month period, where workers were periodically asked to rate their happiness. Although, we can only assume rating happiness at a call centre would be tough, especially after attempting to sell the latest Optus bundle package during someone’s dinner time.

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According to the lead researcher, Professor De Neve, they found “workers are happier, they work faster by making more calls per hour and, importantly, convert more calls to sales.”

It also found that the happiest workers don’t work more hours than their unhappy colleagues, but are simply more effective with their time. That’s one sure-fire way to give those unhappy employees just another thing to be sad about.

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And if you’re wondering whether the author of this article is happy? Well, this article is exactly 13% longer than it needed to be, so you’re welcome!