60 Years Apart Couldn’t Keep This Couple Apart

After 60-years apart, this elderly couple reunited and fell in love… again.

Jordin Sparks says that love is a battlefield. But for one elderly couple, it was less of a battle and more of a game of hide and seek.

According to the ABC, Tom, 87, and Judith, 80, first met at a Brisbane college in 1957, and fell head over heels for each other. They got engaged two years later, but Judith’s mum didn’t approve of their relationship, saying he was “much too old for [her].”

Judith followed her mum’s advice and moved to New Zealand for a fresh start, all without telling Tom.

He thought she had died, saying, “I didn’t know where she was, I couldn’t find her anywhere in Australia.”

So after an intense search, he decided to move on with his life, but kept the engagement and wedding rings in a wooden cabinet. He even kept the rings during his 53-year marriage to his colleague, Sylvia. Hopefully Sylvia never knew!

Meanwhile, Judith got married in New Zealand and had seven children, until her partner passed away 35-years later.

Not giving up, Tom attended his college’s 30-year reunion, hoping to find Judith, but she didn’t attend. He tried again at the forty-year reunion, but she still wasn’t there. And at the fifty-year reunion, Tom just assumed she wasn’t there. However, after he looked over a list of the attendees, he saw her name and called her up immediately.

Judith answered the call and said she was still alive!

They met up in person and kept in touch for the next decade. But it wasn’t until Tom’s partner Sylvia passed away that the old flames came back.

Tom and Judith met again in April this year for Judith’s 80th birthday, and it wasn’t long before he proposed, hoping to keep the love story going. And luckily, Judith said “Yes!”

So there you have it- it’s never too late for love, even if it takes you 60 years to find it again.