Drake’s New Pad Comes With A Singing Toilet

American singer Drake takes us on a tour of his new house in Toronto

Drake’s new 35,000 square-foot Toronto mansion has just been built, and in recently released footage, he takes us on a private tour of his hot new blinged out pad.

Now we finally know who’s been calling him on his cell phone this whole time- contractors.

He bought $6.7 million of land in 2015 to make room for his mega-mansion, even pulling down an already existing house. As Drake would put it, “The property started from the bottom, now it’s here.”


The house includes a 10-car garage, four guest bedrooms, an OVO basketball court, and even a toilet that sings.

Yep, you heard that right, Drake has a toilet that sings. Although, it must have pretty low self-esteem knowing that every time it sings, people crap themselves.

It plays relaxing ambient music, even though we all know it would be more fitting for a toilet to play The Weeknd’s I Feel It Coming or Idina Menzel’s Let It Go, and in some painful cases, a very intense power ballad.

Drake practicing on his basketball court/Credit: TSN_Official/Instagram

To protect his new mansion, Drake has also installed a 14.5-foot high fence that the city approved due to security concerns. Of course, there are security concerns now that everybody wants to trespass to see this incredible singing toilet.

And if you’re wondering, there’s still no word on whether the toilet is actually The Prawn in The Masked Singer. They’re keeping the lid closed on that one…