Newlyweds Return To The Krispy Kreme Where They Met

In the city of churches this couple chose to spend their wedding day at a donut shop.

We all remember where we were when we went to our first Krispy Kreme grand opening. We were in line. Waiting for the Krispy Kreme to open. Maybe that’s not a universal memory but it’s certainly a memory that Adelaide couple Blake & Brooke Pulic will have forever.

They’ll always remember when South Australia got its first ever Krispy Kreme restaurant because like so many other people they were waiting in line for donuts. Not together though. They hadn’t met yet. The great Donut in the sky was about to bring them together.

They didn’t know each other but as Blake told the Adelaide Advertiser he spotted Brooke in the crowd and he was instantly smitten. “We were sitting in line not talking, not doing anything, and this kid in front of us, who I later found out was Brooke’s brother, turned around and offered me and my mate a motorbike magazine.” Which may not sound like the beginning of all classic love stories, but it was the beginning of theirs.

“Brooke turned around to see what was going on and without sounding cliched my eyes met hers and I thought, ‘wow, who is this stunning girl?’.” They struck up a conversation, they presumably got a bunch of donuts, and then after going out and a proposal a year later – yes, also in that Krispy Kreme – they got married in the Adelaide Botanic Garden’s before dropping by the Krispy Kreme for some wedding snaps.

The couple must be thankful every day that they didn’t meet in a Blockbuster Video. Not sure if having to get wedding photos at a building that’s now been converted into a Mattress King would have made for the same charming story.