The UK Has Just Cooked Up The Largest Onion Festival

Don’t cry, there’s a famous onion competition in the UK to make you feel better.

The Newent Obion Fayre in Gloucestershire is a celebration of all things onion-related. And don’t worry, we’re not going to make any outdated Tony Abbott jokes.

It’s considered the largest one-day free festival in the whole of Gloucestershire, and the only national festival to celebrate Onions.

George struggling to celebrate onions, via

The event involves a famous onion-eating competition where contestants have to eat a raw onion in the fastest time possible. Unfortunately, it didn’t involve eating somewhat palatable spring onions.

Men were required to eat a 200-gram onion, while women had to eat a 140-gram onion. It’s the only competition where people are crying before they even lose.

One of the competitors, probably, via

The winner of the competition receives the title of ‘losing one’s dignity,’ while simultaneously having unnatural amounts of built up gas. It’s a real win-lose situation.

The festival also involved a Vegetable Character competition where contestants create a well-known public figure out of a vegetable. No word yet if they used pumpkins to carve every member of the Smashing Pumpkins or green beans to build a replica Sean Bean. If they didn’t, that’s really a missed opportunity.