Baby Bear Has Adorable Nap In Hotel Bathroom

A baby bear was found taking a nap in the women's bathroom of a Montana hotel

Guests at Montana’s T-4 Lodge in Montana were treated to a very cute surprise when they found a baby bear napping in the ladies’ room. No word yet if he was looking for Goldilocks.

Apparently, it had entered from a window, and decided to just relax in the bathroom, bear-ly making a sound. #sorrynotsorry

One of the hotel’s patrons decided to film the event, which is going viral online.

In speaking with CNN, the general manager of the hotel, David O’Connor said, “The bear wasn't able to get himself back out as the window was too high, but he was real comfortable there. He just hung out on the counter where it was cool, and literally went to sleep.” Looks like he was Winne-The-Pooped!

Wildlife officials soon arrived on the scene and tranquilized the already pretty chill bear, carrying him out by the scruff of his neck.

The Lodge wrote on its Facebook page, “Huge shoutout to Gallatin County Sheriff's Office and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks for keeping our guests safe, while recognizing what a once-in-a-lifetime experience it was. They were professional and safe, and provided a great opportunity for folks to learn a little bit about wildlife management.”

O’Connor said, “Once the bear was tranquilized and asleep, (wildlife officials) checked its vitals, did some basic medical checks to make sure he was healthy, and healthy enough to be transported."

The bear has since been safely relocated to another area of Montana, where he will grow up to possibly attack Leonardo DiCaprio.