Should You Be Paying 9 Bucks For A Coffee?

Do you grumble about the price of your daily bean addiction? Well experts say you’re getting a bargain.

The cliché says that once a dealer gets you hooked, they’ll jack up the price.

But according to Australia’s coffee roasters, the price they’re able to charge for many people’s drug of choice is actually being tamped down by consumers.

“We’re paying literally 150 per cent more than we were five years ago for coffee, and yet, you’re still paying $4 a cup,” Marinus Jansen from Melbourne’s Padre Coffee told the Herald-Sun.

“Everyone is predicting $7, $8, $9 coffees in the future, but there’s sort of a juxtaposition where you’re going to get consumers who go, ‘I don’t want to pay that’,” Jansen added.

Ouch – sounds like his customers are getting roasted as much as his beans.

Jansen says that if prices stay low then the quality is going to drop. Which I guess means it’s only a matter of time before you’re getting International Roast lattes.

There are certainly places around where coffee snobs can pay a premium for a brew – the ONA café in Sydney last year was selling ‘vintage’ coffees for up to $16 a cup.

Even the coffee’s shocked at that price
Even the coffee’s shocked at that price

But if you’re looking for single origin, organic, fair trade, sustainable beans, there’s only so long the market can bear your demands for paying in mere coin. (Or the payWave equivalent.)

Or if you need to keep your money for smashed avo or a mortgage, you may just have to turn to brewing your own.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the café is calling…