Wait … Cassettes Are Worth Big Bucks?!

Collectors are now paying big bucks for rare cassettes.

What you need to know
  • Cassettes are now worth big bucks
  • The most expensive sold for over 6 grand
  • This is why you should never throw anything away

Remember cassettes? Me neither – I’m far too young! (Editor’s note – This is clearly a lie). For the younger readers, cassettes were how we listened to music in the stone age. You had to take them out and physically turn them over after a few songs, you could rewind them with a pen, and every song was accompanied by a loud hiss.

They. Were. Awesome!

This is now worth a packet

Well it may be time to sort through the backs of cupboards and that shoe box under the bed (No, not THAT shoe box!!! Nobody needs to see what’s in there!) Discogs – an online music data website – has revealed what people paid for its 100 most expensive cassettes, and the prices may make you regret that big ‘clean out’ you did.

Coming in at the number one spot was The Artist (Formally Known As Prince) – The Versace Experience – Prelude 2 Gold, which sold for $6116. Yep. $6116! For a cassette. Bear in mind that this cassette was handed out to attendees of a Paris Fashion Week show in 1995 FOR FREE. And now it’s worth over six grand.

Not actually six grand pictured

Amongst the rest of the top 100, none of the prices fall below $500. In fact, Discog reports that cassettes are the fastest growing format sold on its website.

But if you find you’ve got a stack of CD’s sitting in a corner, they may be worth something too. The website also released a list of its 100 most expensive CD’s, and whilst not reaching the dizzy heights of cassettes, they still command quite a price. The cheapest on the list sold for $1553.70 and was … brace yourself … a Toto CD (All In 1978-2018).

The list was topped by Coil – Live Box, which sold for $4773.56. So, there might be some big bucks lurking in that box you stashed in the shed. Or maybe not. Maybe you had a spring clean one day a few months ago. Maybe you thought it was time to get rid of all the stuff you’ve been hanging on to for years. Maybe you watched a certain show about cleaning up your life and felt all inspired. And maybe now you’re filled with regret.

This is what regret looks like

I don’t want to point the finger at anyone in particular, but do you know what DOESN’T spark joy??? Realising that I was sitting on a goldmine and then chucked it out.