Kevin Rudd: Handball Champ

Australia’s former Prime Minister may have been knocked out of that position twice, but no-one’s going to take his four-square crown.

And Kevin Rudd proved it today in Brisbane by taking on all-comers – well, four primary school kids and a breakfast radio team - in a game of handball.

After calling for challengers earlier this month, following a successful recovery from knee surgery, KRudd faced up to some players who were not even born in Kevin07 to test if he still had it.

Handed the ball for the first exciting serve in the unusual handball arena of Hit105, the former PM started with the ultimate boss move: an ace. Fair suck of the sauce bottle.

Kevin Rudd aces handball
No sign of that purported arrogance.

It’s absolutely not true that he followed up by bellowing, “In your face Julia Gillard! I mean, young kid!”

Rudd’s initial glory was short-lived though, with him double-bouncing in his own square and being sent to the dunce square.

But once it came to the elimination round, Kevin wound up vanquishing all 9-to-12-year-old foes. Although, that was all thanks to a generous move by a fellow player, Zane.

When Kevin was in the King position, Zane bounced the ball in Kevin’s square, and the former PM played back.

“You played my fool!” Zane exclaimed with glee, leaving KRudd gobsmacked at being done on a technicality.


With no video replays available, adjudicators decided to play it as a liner, since there were disputes.

And the former PM didn’t waste his lifeline, winning the final two points to emerge triumphant.

However he was gracious enough to award first prize – which was a handball signed by him – to Zane for standing aside for his elder.

“The only reason I prevailed was because Zane let me off on a technical fail,” Rudd said.

But Zane didn’t wind up that impressed with Kevin’s ball-handling.

“Nah, they’re way better,” Zane said about the kids he usually plays handball against.

“They’ve got actual better moves and things, like better moves and all that.”

Mr Rudd will be continuing his handball tour over the next week, both showcasing his fully sick schoolyard skills, and promoting his National Apology Foundation for Indigenous Australians.

Kevin Rudd Thumbs Up

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