What Day Is The True Start Of The Week?

Do you consider Monday or Sunday the start of the week?

The debate is strong- which day is the true start of the week? Sunday or Monday?

Speaking to ABC news, Professor Roland Sussex from the University of Queensland said the true “first day” of the week is different in different cultures. For example, “a lot of Muslim cultures consider Saturday to be the beginning of their week.”

While Monday is the official international standard, the US, Canada, China, Japan all officially consider Sunday the start of the week.

But let’s be honest, changing ‘The Sunday Project’ to ‘The First Day Of The Week’ Project doesn’t have the same ring to it.

On ABC Darwin’s Facebook page, many people agreed that Sunday was considered the first day of the week.

Ann on Facebook said, “Sunday is the first day of the week. Always a rest day before work starts and Saturday is a rest day at the end of the working week.”

However, Grant on FB commented, “We use the Romans calendar and days of the week which would mean Sunday would be the first day of the week.”

Meanwhile, some others were a little more straight forward, with Olivia writing, “Monday starts the week, as Saturday and Sunday is the weekend.” Thanks Olivia, such an insightful observation!

And for anybody who has to work today (such as whoever is writing this article), today is definitely the start of the week.

So what do you consider to be the first day of the week? Or maybe you don’t care, because every day is ‘party day!’