Would You Trust A 5-Year-Old With The Food Shopping?

Yes, if you want to live off warheads and Bega stringers

What you need to know
  • An Australian mother entrusted her five-year-old son with the weekly food shop
  • He actually did a pretty good job

As a general rule, five-year-old kids cannot be trusted to feed themselves, let alone their families. When left to their own devices they tend to eat exclusively fish fingers and Kinder surprises – which is probably also the diet of most single men living alone.

But, an Australian mother has shown a tremendous amount of faith in her five-year-old son by entrusting him with doing the weekly grocery shopping for their family of four all by himself.

It’s a real testament to food education that the kid didn’t blow the family budget on cookie dough. Instead of maxing out the credit card on candy, he came back with a pretty well-rounded trolley of fruits, vegetables, eggs, spaghetti and (of course) chicken nuggets.

The haul that the five-year-old brought home

The kid obviously knows how to spot a bargain, because the haul also included milk that had been reduced to 61 cents, though his mum did have to counsel him on budgeting just a little bit.

The mother's post on Facebook

“I tried not to dictate too much about what he was grabbing, but did have to say “not this time please” to the $11/kg grapes and the $18 tray of prawns,” she wrote on Facebook. Presumably, the caviar and avocado aisles were off limits too.

Having said that, the fact that she refrained from teaching her son how to eat grapes while doing the shop and how to put through prawns as brown onions at the checkout is a real testament to her excellent parenting.

All in all, the bill came to $130.25, but the experience for the kid must have been priceless. Though, worryingly for the child, he might have done such a good job that this now becomes a weekly chore.