Man Throws Away $5000 Ring After Breakup

It’s a pretty expensive way of mending a broken heart

What you need to know
  • A Sydney man was dumped by his girlfriend just before he was about to propose on a secret holiday
  • He went on the holiday anyway and found a unique way to get rid of the engagement ring

We’ve all heard about or experienced a brutal breakup. For example, I was once broken up with on 1 April and then when I texted my friends later that day they thought it was an April Fool’s Joke. That was brutal.

An artist's recreation of the events

But, this one could be even worse. When he was 23, Brendan – who works as an electrician in Sydney – was preparing a secret trip for him and his then-girlfriend to Santorini where he was planning to propose with an engagement ring that cost him $5000.

The ring Brendan had bought for his girlfriend

“After three years together, and for no reason at all… she ended up leaving me,” he told

Despite being blindsided and heartbroken, Brendan decided to go on the trip anyway. Strangely, he decided to take the ring along with him, which is a risky thing to be carrying around hostels.

When he arrived in Santorini he became good friends with his tour group leader who was interested in knowing why he was all by himself on the trip. When [she] asked why I was travelling alone, I told her what had happened… We bonded over that… and I told her about the ring.”

Now, at this point, I know what you’re thinking. So it turns out the tour leader was his soulmate! He proposed to her then and there! And she said yes! And they lived happily ever laughter! And magic is real!

Sorry, that’s not how this story ends.

Watching the sunset in Santorini, Brendan made a very expensive decision. “I wanted to get rid of the ring, so I asked the group leader if she’d stand on the edge (of the cliff) and get rid of it with me… I threw it off the cliff. I got her to video it, and it’s probably the best video I have,” he said.

Immediately after ridding himself of the ring, Brendan started feeling better. “The moment I threw the ring (into the ocean), a whole lot of weight lifted off my shoulders,” he revealed.

So, there you have it, folks. If you find yourself struggling with a break up, just throw $5000 off a cliff and you’ll feel better straight away. Just don’t do it on 1 April, because no one will believe you.