Who Said The ATO Can’t Have Some Fun? Usually Everybody.

The ATO has released some crazy expenses people have claimed on their tax returns

When I think of the ATO, I think buckets of fun! Okay, fine, I don’t think fun, but that might soon be about to change. They’ve just released a very amusing list of ridiculous expenses Australians tried to claim on their 2017/2018 tax returns.

According to The Herald Sun, Assistant Commissioner Karen Foat said that more than 700,000 taxpayers tried to claim non-allowable items worth over $2 billion. One of these items included a wedding reception! Unless you’re a wedding planner just like J-Lo in The Wedding Planner, you cannot claim a wedding reception. And no, it doesn’t matter if your wedding vows include, “Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded tax deduction?”

Some people even claimed Lego sets, claiming they were essential for their job. They’re probably also using those skills to build a Lego fort to hide from the ATO.

Ms Foat also said, “Some people have tried to claim dentist appointments…” Don’t worry, there’s no way you can charm your way out of this one by showing off your pearly whites.

Many people have also claimed childcare expenses. Again, nice try, but the only time you’re getting money back from your kids is when you start charging them board, or when they reimburse you for all those years of calling you a terrible parent.

If you do want to see if an expense is deductible, you can always check the ATO website.

Oh, and in case you didn’t know, the device you’re using to read this article is most likely not tax-deductible.