Disneyland Is Not This Woman’s Happy Place

A mother has gone viral after calling for childless adults to be banned from Disneyland.

An angry mother has gone viral after tweeting that childless adults should be banned from Disneyland. Nothing says ‘The Happiest Place On Earth’ like even more screaming children.

The woman’s original post appeared on Facebook last year, but has recently caught alight on Twitter, because Twitter really needs more toxic content.

The woman wrote, “It pisses me off to no end! When I see childless couples… at Disney World!.. Disney World is for children! People without children need to be banned! Mothers with children should be allowed to skip all the lines!”

Now this may all sound like an audition to be the theme park’s new Grumpy Dwarf, but sadly it’s not.

Her post has since received 15,000 shares on Twitter. Many people are against this idea.

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Twitter user The Report of the Week said, “So dragging a miserable 2 year old in 100 degree heat to experience the joy of standing in line for hours is to be considered "normal", I guess?”

Meanwhile, Emma Crooke tweeted, “Also some people don't want to have kids or are unable to have kids. Everyone's circumstances are different, it's the appreciation for Disney that matters no matter how old people are.”

No word if the mother has calmed down since her online rant. But if Disneyland makes her angry, then she really shouldn’t see the new Lion King remake. She’ll be angrier than Scar realizing he can’t be King.