Brisbane Mother Excited By A Nappy Surprise

A mother bought a box of nappies from Woolworths and found $5 cash with a note!

When you hear about finding a surprise inside of a nappy, it’s usually not pleasant. Except for one Brisbane mother, it absolutely made her day!

Michelle Patricia Pannett had recently purchased a box of nappies from her local Woolworths store when she opened it to find a $5 note folded inside. Which brings a whole new meaning to the term “nappy change.”

The cold hard cash was accompanied with a note that read ‘My Wealth Wednesday.’ It said, “To the person who finds this… Practice some self-care today. Always remember you are much loved and you are amazing.”

To be fair, it’s easy for a parent to forget about self-care when their hands are covered in baby poop.

Photo from Facebook

The note should’ve said, ‘Don’t forget to smell the roses. Or anything else that isn’t a dirty nappy.’

Michelle wrote a Facebook post thanking the anonymous donor.

“To the kind person that has done this thank you!! It is such a wonderful gesture and certainly brought a smile to my face. I will def get a coffee or a scratchy soon. Hopefully someone sees this who knows you and passes on my thanks!!”

The mother apparently thought her baby’s first word was ‘mummy.’ Unfortunately for her, it was ‘money.’