FaceApp Makes You Look Old But Are You Giving Up Your Privacy?

Reading their privacy page will also age you fifty years.

Imagine an application that allows you to look at a photo of yourself but now that photo is old instead of regular age. There is an app that does that and it’s called FaceApp and it combines the words ‘Face’ (like your own face) and ‘App’ (as in application).

Photos of people olding themselves up thanks to the app has been all over social media the last few days. Famous people are doing it, regular people having been doing it to photos of famous people, regular people have been doing it to themselves. And we can now conclusively say that everybody looks old when they put their face in an app that makes them look old.

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If you want to see what you look like as an old person you have two options. The first is that you can wait fifty years and then look in the mirror. The second option is that you too can download the app and throw the filter on a photo of yourself.

Here’s the thing though, in our rush to see how mortal we truly are, we happily skip past the privacy aspect of the whole thing. FaceApp privacy page says that they “may share User Content and your information with businesses that are legally part of the same group of companies that FaceApp is.” It’s okay though, because FaceApp is owned by a Russian company called Wireless Lab, and the Russians are known for their aboveboard online activities.

Still though, what would you look like as an old person? It’d be pretty fun to find out and by the time you delete the app seconds after going “hahaha I look old” the company will have already had access to all of your photos. Thinking about it too much will age you just as quickly as the app itself.