Say Goodbye To Ross & Rachael, They Are No Longer Popular Baby Names

Has your name taken a dip in popularity over the last two decades?

If you are a two-year-old and are somehow able to read this article then congratulations, you’re an amazing two-year-old. Good for you, incredible work. But I would take a bet that your name is not Kirsty, or Rhiannon, or Lee, or Scott.

Kirsty is one of a bunch of names that 'The Guardian' has found took a huge dip in popularity between 1996 and 2017. All the way back in 1996 Kirsty was riding high. In England and Wales there were 1,202 babies named Kirsty at the midway point of the 90s, but in 2017 that number has dropped all the way down to 11.

Ross and Rachel were on a break on Friends in the 90s but Ross and Rachael are now on a break from being used as a baby’s name in 2017.

Only 50 Ross’s entered the world in 2017, and only 24 Rachaels.

The big names for girls in 2017 were Olivia, Amelia and Isla. The biggest drops in popularity were Shannon, Kirsty and Jodie.

For the boy babies in 2017 it’s all about the Olivers, Harrys, and Georges. Bad news for all of the Craigs, Jordans and Macauleys out there. Michael Jordan and Macauley Culkin meant a lot to the world in 1996 and quite rightly mean very much less in 2017.

So if you see a Mitchell, or a Shane, or a Gemma, or a Kayleigh out there in the world and they are two years old, know that they are very unique indeed. Or they might be a twenty-something pretending to be a baby. Which, if that’s the case, they’ve got bigger problems than simply an unpopular name