Scary Experience For Tourists On SkyDeck Of Tower

The ledge of the skyscraper cracked under the feet of the visitors.

103 stories above the city of Chicago you can step out onto the glass of the SkyDeck to look straight down. Quite the scary experience made a heck of a lot scarier when the protective layer covering the glass cracks.

On Monday the protective layer started to splinter while tourists were standing on top of it. The good news is nobody was really in danger but there is absolutely no way of knowing that while you’re standing on a thing that looks like it is about to fall apart and you’re about to become very much airborne.

The folks at Willis Tower told the TV station WBBM that the protective layer did it’s job and that nobody was in any kind of danger. A Chicago local, Jesus Pintado, told the station that “there was a woman with two kids and they looked really pale and scared because the floor just cracked.” Wouldn’t you?

1.5 million visitors pop by the SkyDeck every year and thankfully only a couple of them experienced the adrenaline rush that would have come with the ledge cracking underneath them.

Would that make a terrible addition to the tourist trap? Should it always crack sending people scurrying to safety? It would certainly add an interesting anecdote to everybody’s arsenal when they return home from holiday and somebody asks “so, how was Chicago?”