Statement from the ACMA

Statement from the ACMA

The ACMA attended the area where the interference was reported and understands the interference has now ceased.

The ACMA does not believe that the interference came from Calvary Hospital.

However the ACMA is yet to conclude its investigation into this matter and we do not comment on ongoing investigations.

However, in general:

  • Car remotes are low powered devices and operate on an uncoordinated and interference unprotected basis.
  • In a CBD environment thousands of low powered devices operate without incident every day
  • Interference that may cause remotes not to work can be caused by a unique, temporary combination of factors that will resolve without any direct action.
  • Interference is usually caused by another low powered device close by that has entered a fault condition and is transmitting continuously, such as a security camera, remote entry gate opener, paging devices, etc.