Want To Save Money While Shopping? Don’t Use Your Phone

People using their phone while shopping likely to spend 41% more.

We’ve all been there – wandering down the aisles of the supermarket, getting distracted as the family group chat fires up with photos of mum & dad’s vacation up the coast – they’ve seen a wallaby and they can’t believe it. You send a couple of thoughtful replies, and before you know it your shopping trolley is half full.

A new study reveals that if you use your phone while shopping it can increase your shopping bill by up to 41%. The more you are on your phone the more time you’ll spend anywhere. Your toilet break at work takes longer if you sit on your phone so it makes sense that a shopping trip would as well.

The researchers from the University of Bath, Boston College, the University of Tennessee and the Stockholm School of Economics studied shoppers who wore eye-tracking glasses that recorded their visual fields and took note of where the shoppers looked while they browsed the store.

The study found that it doesn’t matter what you do on your phone – replying to a message, checking to see how many likes that photo you posted of you eating brunch has gotten, taking a call from your mum where she lets you know she saw a wallaby and yeah you can’t believe it either – whatever it is, it will making the shopping trip take longer.

The longer the shopping trip takes the more items you see on the shelves, the more things you realise you should probably grab just in case, the higher that shopping bill is eventually going to be.

So if you want to save some money next time you go to the shops, put your phone away and go into the supermarket knowing exactly what you want and don’t dillydally while you’re in there.

Oh by the way, I wrote this entire article on my phone at the supermarket. It cost me a fortune.