Storm Chaser Captures Incredible Footage Inside Tornado

Unfortunately, no flying cows were spotted

What you need to know
  • Storm Chaser Reed Timmer was chasing tornadoes in Nebraska.
  • He got up pretty close and personal with one of them.
  • Yes, there is footage.

Some people have dangerous jobs, like window cleaners or Air Asia pilots. But, nothing seems to come close to this storm chaser in America, who has gotten very much up close and personal with a local tornado.

The best part of this movie.

On Friday evening, Reed Timmer was out in McCook, Nebraska, covering a series of tornadoes for AccuWeather, a company that wants to provide weather updates so accurate, its employees will literally walk into a tornado with a camera to show you just how windy it is.

Speaking to ABC13, Timmer recounted the moment when the vortex started to quickly develop around him. “I was unable to get back to the vehicle and couldn’t see it, so I just turned my back to the wind and hoped for the best until it passed,” he said.

It’s pretty incredible footage, and good on Timmer for capturing the storm develop from such a unique perspective (and also good on him for surviving).

The footage almost opens like it’s the beginning of a disaster film with dark clouds rapidly swarming above, until someone off camera (presumably Timmer) starts yelling: “Tornado! Tornado!”

Though he didn’t seem too scared, because at one point, when he is engulfed by the clouds and can barely see a foot in front him, we hear a pretty excited man yell: “Woo!” as if he were enjoying a bit of fun on a rollercoaster.

This happens right before his red hat, which looks very much like a MAGA hat, is blown off his head and disappears into the winds. Presumably, Mother Nature isn’t a big fan of Trump.

Then, as if the entire footage was directed by Jan de Bont himself (he was the director of Twister in 1996), the camera pans left to reveal a goddamn massive, white twister spiralling into the sky.

All in all, the original Twister cost $92 million. This reboot cost one red hat. Sadly, it did not seem that they had the budget for a flying cow this time.