Olivia Newton-John Institute Has Developed A New Blood Test For Breast Cancer

Clinical trials will begin within three years for a new breast cancer blood test

A blood test that can detect breast cancer is expected to begin clinical trials within three years.

The test, developed by Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute researchers, checks breast cancer patients' blood for DNA specific to tumours, News Corp Australia reports.

The research has been awarded a $385,000 National Breast Cancer Foundation grant, which is part of a total $9.2 million worth of grants for other innovative research studies.

The CEO of NBCF, Professor Sarah Hosking, said, “We are thrilled to be awarding $9.2 million to such ground-breaking research studies and brilliant Australian research talent. This is a promising step as we strive towards Zero Deaths from breast cancer.”

Initially, the test will be used to check the women who have already been treated for breast cancer for the return of the disease, and may even replace mammograms in the near future.

Associate Professor Alexander Dobrovic from the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute said there was the potential for the test to be modified so it could be used in the early detection of breast cancer.

"To be truly effective as a screening test, it would have to be refined so it could identify all women who have cancer," he told News Corp Australia.

-With AAP