Would You Ever Eat Maggot Ice-Cream?

A South African food maker has made ice-cream out of maggots. Yum!

A South African food maker, Gourmet Grubb, has decided to make an eco-friendly ice-cream out of maggots harvested from black soldier flies. Apparently dairy-free ice-cream isn’t eco-friendly enough?

Bear licking boring regular ice-cream; via

But if you can’t make it to South Africa, every ice cream is maggot ice cream if you leave it out of the fridge long enough.

“Insects are environmentally friendly… They aren’t at risk of climate change because you can grow them in a controlled environment…” said Head of Product Development at Gourmet Grubb, Leah Bessa.

An insect ecologist at the University of Cape Town, believes that fly larvae is “nutritionally ideal for us and they taste very good.” Because if there’s anyone we should take food advice from, it’s a non-food critic.

Gourmet Grubb has been selling the ice cream at a local market, and some customers are quite pleased with the taste.

“It tastes pretty good. It tastes like ice cream should taste,” said customer Pieter Roodt.

They’re planning to get their maggot ice-cream into the United States and Europe. But first, they need to work out how to get maggots through customs.