The Moon Landing Manual Could Be Yours For The Low Price Of $9 Million

The Apollo 11 book goes on auction.

Ever wanted to own a piece of the Apollo 11 mission? No? Okay, well I guess that makes sense. What would you do with it? Put it on a shelf somewhere? Carry it with you as a conversation starter? Bring it up at every party? “Oh this? Yeah it’s from the moon landing.”

If, for whatever reason, you did want to own part of the first mission to land on the moon then you better find a way to get to Christie’s in New York for an auction on July 18th where the manual used by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin goes under the hammer.

The book is 44 pages long and it details every moment of the lunar module Eagle’s descent to the Moon in July 1969. It could fetch up to $9 million, so if you’ve got a spare $9 million lying around this could be right up your alley.

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The instruction manual, which could contain traces of lunar dust, also includes notes written by Buzz and Neil while on the moon. What do the notes say? Maybe they include director’s notes telling Neil and Buzz how to fake the moon landing? Or maybe they include actual notes because the moon landing actually happened.


There are over 150 annotations written by the two astronauts in the book. Christina Geiger, Christie’s head of books and manuscripts told Reuters “These are step-by-step instructions that cover the entire portion of the Eagle flight. It is a series of instructions on everything from ‘don your helmets’ to ‘check your power system’.”

The book with those notes will be great to have if you want to recreate your own moon landing. And if you’ve got a spare $9 million for a book you probably have the cash for a moon landing of your own.