90 Day Milk – The Future Is Now

An Australian company could revolutionise the dairy industry

What you need to know
  • An Australian company has developed milk that lasts for 90 days
  • It could help dairy farmers increase exports overseas

For generations the world has been confined by the short shelf-life of milk. For too long we’ve been purchasing milk, burdened with the knowledge that we had to consume it rapidly – often within a few days! – lest it go off and we end up throwing it out.

Some of us approached this moral challenge. They would see the ‘best before’ date, scoff at its suggestion, unscrew the lid, give it a whiff and proclaim to their family members: “It smells good to me!” Before chugging down a glass, only to be condemned to food poisoning soon after. They were our shining nights. They were, usually, our dads.

But, alas, it seems these acts of bravery may soon be consigned to the past, a mere brief, but dark, chapter in human history. You see, thanks to a Queensland food technology company called Naturo, we might soon have milk that lasts for – wait for it – 90 days! (Just realised the suspense was probably ruined by that information being spoiled by the title.)

It’s a massive breakthrough not just for dads suffering from food poisoning because they wanted to prove their masculinity to their wives and children, but also because it will assist Australian dairy farmers by allowing them to ship more milk to Asia, specifically countries such as China and Japan, where it can cost up to $12-13 per litre.

Naturo Founder and CEO, Jeff Hastings, told Courier Mail “our milk tastes like milk straight from the cow. It is safer, better for you and last longer.” This is due to the fact that the milk is not pasteurised, which relied on the milk being heated to at least 72°C. In contrast, Naturo’s method is able to kill pathogens without relying on heating the milk.

It’s pretty exciting stuff. It means that you could buy milk today, forget about it for 89 days, and then have a nice, safe milkshake in in late July. Or, if you’re a dad, you could buy milk today, forget about it for 91 days, unscrew the lid, give it a whiff and proclaim to your family members: “It smells good to me!” before drinking it anyway.

The next step in the milk industry will be to make soy milk drinkable. Unfortunately, it does not seem like we will ever have the technology to achieve that.