Avengers: The Endgame Is To Pay Off Your Debts

At cinema screens in China, the faces of 60 debtors were shown before screenings of Avengers.

When you go to the cinema, you normally expect 15 or 20-minutes of movie previews. However, in China, these previews also include photographs of citizens who owe money to the government.

This past weekend, a cinema in China’s eastern Zhejiang province was premiering the global blockbuster Avengers: Endgame. However, before the movie started, headshots of debtors were projected onto the screen, as a way of shaming them into paying. So, brace yourself for the next Avengers film- Avenging Unpaid Debt, starring Robert Downpayment Junior.

The clips ran for 30-seconds and featured the faces of 60 people, including how much debt they were in. To be fair, the cost of running an ad before the Avengers premiere would’ve been enough to pay off all that debt.

A local court has stated that the video would be shown at theatres across the city.

This is not the first time China has shamed people for failing to pay their debts. Earlier in the year, they piloted a Social Credit System called WeChat, which allows users to find who, within a 500-meter radius, has failed to pay their debts.

Citizens seem split on whether this public shaming is appropriate, but it seems to have worked with one debtor named Lan.

According to ABC news, he paid his debt in fear that his face would be shown during a screening of Avengers, which his daughter would be attending.

He said, “As a father, I don’t want to shame my daughter…” Because nothing is more shameful than finally getting your face on the same big screen as Chris Hemsworth!

Now for any Avengers fans, the much anticipated after-credits scene of the Avengers is a bit of a disappointment (spoiler alert!). It’s just the faces of local debtors again.