If The Polls Aren’t Going Your Way Release Fake Ones

The race for the WA seat of Curtin is heating up, or it would be if the polls were real.

Julie Bishop has held the safe seat of Curtin in Western Australia since 1998 and has announced her retirement which means a new Liberal candidate is hoping to retain the seat. A recent poll however showed that there was a huge swing against the Liberal party and towards an independent challenger. The only problem is that the poll appears not to have been real.

Independent candidate Louise Stewart released to The Weekend West the results of a poll she said was done by UComms for ReachTEL in the seat of Curtin. The poll showed Liberal candidate Celia Hammond was facing a swing against her of 20 per cent.

ReachTEL founder and UComms co-owner James Stewart told The West Australian the company had not done any Curtin-specific research this election.

“We don’t have any records for a poll conducted in that electorate on those dates,” Mr Stewart said.

He said he was concerned “about the fact we have got a doctored poll out there in the marketplace and they think they can get away with it.”

The independent candidate Ms Stewart tweeted she was working with ReachTEL to determine the origins of the poll, which was “passed to our campaign by a third party.”

A twenty percent swing against the Liberal party in a safe seat like Curtin would be remarkable if it was true, but it is genuinely remarkable for politicians to be releasing polls that have never taken place.

With AAP