How Far Can You Drive With The Petrol Light On?

Do you dare play Petrol Light Roulette?

You’re driving in your car. Pretty normal so far. The petrol light flicks on. Panic starts almost immediately as you imagine yourself stranded on the side of the road somewhere having to lug a jerrycan to the nearest petrol station.

We’ve all got an idea of how far we’re brave enough to drive with the petrol light on but how far can we actually drive with the petrol light on?

It no longer has to be a gut feeling that ‘when the light comes on I can make it to the shops and back’ because new research has come out telling us which cars can travel for longer once the little light pops up.

A survey in Britain found that most motorists believed they could only travel 32kms once the light comes on but in reality most cars can travel at least twice that distance.

The VW Passat can travel the longest distance once the petrol light starts to do it’s thing – you can cruise a further 120kms before you need that petrol station. On the other side of things the BMW M3 travels the shortest distance after you see the light but even that car can take you a further 51 kms.

There are various factors that alter how far the car will travel post-light appearance such as traffic, whether the vehicle is loaded up with weight, and your driving style. If you swerve all over the place when driving you probably won’t get very far.

If you want to know how far your car can travel once the light turns on, it’s probably in the manual. You know, the book your car comes with that you never read unless a headlight goes out.

Next time the petrol light pops maybe your car will go a little further than you think – but that definitely won’t stop you from filling up in a panic at the first chance you get.