GetUp! Pulls Controversial Ad Featuring Abbott Impersonator

GetUp! has pulled an ad featuring a Tony Abbott impersonator refusing to save a drowning person

Activist group GetUp! is pulling its controversial ad targeting former prime minister Tony Abbott following a backlash from lifesavers.

The commercial was due to air in cinemas next week. Because nothing eases you into The Curse of La Llorona like seeing a horrifying political ad.

It featured a Mr Abbott look-alike (barely a look-a-like) refusing to save a drowning person as an analogy to his stance on climate change.

When asked to save a drowning person, the Abbott impersonator says, “Look, I think you'll find the science isn't settled on that… Why should we act first?”

The ad swiftly received some heavy backlash, with Tony Abbott tweeting:

The group on Wednesday admitted it was wrong, saying it had the greatest respect for Australian lifesavers and apologised for the "insensitivity of the timing and subject matter of our planned ad".

But still no apology for also forcing us to see an Abbott impersonator in budgie smugglers.

The ad will be replaced with a "more literal" version featuring footage of Mr Abbott joking with Peter Dutton about "water lapping at (the) door" of the Pacific Islands due to rising sea levels.

It believes the new approach will "better accomplish" its goal.

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