Why Take A Vacation When You Can Pay To Fake It?

There’s a photo service called Fake A Vacation where you can receive fake holiday snaps to make your friends jealous

According to a recent survey of 4,000 American adults, it found that 14-percent had lied to others about their fancy holidays. Even more impressive, 10-percent of those surveyed had posted a fake photo on social media.

Now there’s a photo service called Fake A Vacation to help you fake your holiday snaps, and make all your friends jealous! Well, that’s until they see you grocery shopping at the local Aldis.

Its website states, “Now you can fake a vacation and don’t have to be an expert. No messing around with pictures, photo-editing, learning or worrying about perfection, leave that on us.”

For just $19 USD, you can fool all your friends into thinking you travelled to Las Vegas, while simultaneously not addressing your deep insecurities. All you need to do is send in a photo of yourself, in attire they suggest. For example, if you want to be photoshopped into a Californian summer, make sure you’re not wearing more than two layers. Your photo is then placed onto a background of your chosen destination and sent right into your inbox!

Another very real holiday snap; via Pixabay

Alternatively, if you want to spend $19 on an actual holiday, you could easily get a return bus ride interstate. It’ll make all your friends jealous, as long as your friends are incredibly sheltered and rarely leave the house.

Many Instagram influencers have been accused of this phenomenon, with Swedish influencer Johanna Olsson apparently photoshopping herself into a Paris landscape.

Unless her natural state involves her floating in mid-air, this photo raises some questions.

Okay, well, this is the end of the article, I need to plan my “holiday” to the Bahamas.