There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Spoon

A woman in China swallowed a spoon after using it to get out a lodged fish bone

If you plan on eating fish for Good Friday, make sure you don’t get a fish bone lodged in your throat. Or a spoon!

Doctors in China had to remove a 13-centimeter silver spoon from a woman’s small intestine after she tried to use it to remove a fish bone she had swallowed. Because we all know how great spoons are for grabbing things.

Another horrific spoon incident!

After swallowing the spoon, the woman didn’t want to go to the hospital straight away because it was a public holiday. Maybe she thought hospitals also shut down for public holidays?

She decided to wait several days before finally visiting Shenzhen Nanshan Hospital, because she apparently wasn’t in any pain.

At least she didn’t attempt to remove the spoon with a ladle… probably. But to make matters worse, that was her only spoon, so she couldn’t even soothe her stomach with soup.

A delicious spoon!/

Even more amazing, it’s the first time someone’s had their coffee stirred after it’s already been swallowed.

To remove the spoon, the doctors conducted an endoscopy, which found that the woman was suffering from some swelling and erosion.

However, this isn’t the first spoon incident to occur in China. Last year, doctors removed a spoon from a patient after she ate her noodles ‘too quickly.’ Well, at least it wasn’t the bowl.