What Happens When You Mix Kids And Shaving Products? A Viral Video!

A Twitter video has gone viral after a kid shaved his siblings’ heads.

This story is a little lesson about the importance of keeping shaving products out of the reach of children. And no, we’re not talking about shaving cream, because it does make a fun foam mustache. We’re talking about razors!

A video posted to Twitter shows a mother being confronted by the patchily shaved heads of her three children. Her son Teddy apparently found her electric razor and thought it was a good idea to prematurely begin his barber career.

She asks her daughter why she let her brother shave her head, to which Teddy responds with, “She said she wanted me to do that a lot…”

Rumour has it, Teddy charged three biscuits and a Lego for the haircut, which sounds about right.

In case it wasn’t clear, the kids were not pleased with the final result. They’re going to leave their brother a terrible Yelp review. Probably something to the effect of- “Naughty! You’re not our friends anymore!”

While it may seem like a bad idea, it’s definitely saved that mother time giving her kids their usual bowl cuts. And it’s also a very effective way to get rid of lice.

So far, the video has grown to over 5-million views. Although, the kids are more interested in the growth of their hair. At one point in the video, the woman’s daughter, Eloise, said, “Mummy, can you put your hair on my head?”

No word yet if their hair has grown back. But we’ll keep you posted as soon as we know…