Jimmy Kimmel, David Spade, and Celine Dion Crash A Wedding

Maybe this will finally convince couples to have their weddings in Vegas

Las Vegas is known for slot machines, Elvis Impersonators, and spur-of-the-moment marriages. So when Jimmy Kimmel brought his show to Vegas this week, he decided to crash a couple’s wedding.

But Jimmy did not go alone, inviting David Spade and Celine Dion as his plus-two, despite none of them being on the guest list. Rude!

It begins with Jimmy appearing on the TV screen before the lucky couple, Jason & Kate. He says, “Sorry to interrupt. What were you guys doing?”

They appear more shocked than excited. Which makes sense, considering couples sometimes go to Vegas to keep their marriages secret. Not sure they were pumped by the national broadcast.

Jimmy then takes over the officiating, which was very generous, if you don’t stop to think about the actual officiant who technically got fired.

“We are gathered here today in the most sacred place- Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. To join in holy matrimony, Jason and Kate…” says Jimmy.

But before he continues, he asks if anybody objects to their marriage, at which point David Spade walks in holding a cocktail. David says that his objection is that they seem “a little too sober,” so he invites Guillermo, Jimmy’s side-kick, to bring out some shots. But no, it didn't turn into a Wedding Crashers party.

Jimmy continues with the officiating- “Now by the power vested in me by the Nevada state bird, which is the Mountain Blue bird by the way, I pronounce you husband and wife…”

However, before Jimmy leaves them, he reveals one last surprise- Celine Dion! She dramatically enters, singing her 1996 hit ‘Because You Loved Me.’

Hopefully, they stay together, because that would’ve taken a lot of effort to organise. And as we all know, Las Vegas weddings always last.