Where In The World Are The Biggest Liars?

New research has found that the biggest liars are 15-year-old males.

Researchers at University College London’s Institute of Education conducted a survey of 40,000 teens from around the world to find who were the biggest liars.

The study focused on 15-year-olds from English-speaking countries, and found that boys from higher socioeconomic backgrounds were most likely to lie. So whatever you do, kids, don’t cheat off rich 15-year-old males.

The students were given a list of 16 mathematical concepts and asked to indicate their knowledge of each. However, some of these concepts were fake, such as “proper number,” “subjunctive scaling,” and “declarative fraction.” It didn’t stop many of the students marking the option “know it well, understand the concept.”

Professor Jerrim, who conducted the study, found that “male participants were much more likely to bullsh*t about their knowledge… than their female counterparts.”

It also found that students from America and Canada were most likely to lie. So now the White House is just relieved they’re not alone.

But don’t worry, Australia was in third place! And that’s no lie. Meanwhile, those from Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland were the least likely to lie.

Co-author of the study, Dr Nikki Shure, said, “Our study shows that bullshitters express much higher levels of self-confidence in their skills than non-bullsh*ers, even when they are of equal academic ability.”

So how can we trust that this article isn’t just all a big lie? Well, if it’s any comfort, I’ve got no confidence at all!