Thunder The Kookaburra Has Finally Found A New Home

After social media whipped into a frenzy over a caged Kookaburra, he has finally found a home in Florida.

Wendy Davidson from Melbourne sparked off a social media frenzy when she revealed that she found a Kookaburra named Thunder in a US pet shop.

The Kookaburra was living in a small cage in the pet shop for four-years, and was always dressed up in various costumes by the pet shop’s employees.

After Wendy released footage of the Kookaburra online, it kicked off a stream of outrage on social media.

In speaking with The Project, Wendy said, the costumes are “making a mockery of him. It’s pretty distasteful and disrespectful.”

She was determined to get him out of there, saying, “This is not cool. Something’s gotta happen... He’s on his own, and they’re not meant to be on their own.”

After the backlash, the pet store released a statement, clarifying that “Thunder was not taken from the wild in Australia,” but that he came from “reputable baby breeders…”

Wendy was realistic about her hopes for Thunder, stating, “The more appropriate course of action is to maybe release him to a sanctuary where he has a happier life than just a cage in a smelly pet store.”

Well, all our wishes have finally been granted… Thunder has finally found a home!

The pet shop wrote on their Facebook page, saying “We have found a great place for him in Florida where he will enjoy a huge flight cage and all that Florida sunshine… We will be able to get regular updates and will keep you posted on his new adventures."

Tonight on The Sunday Project, we’ll be bringing you all the latest updates on Thunder and his long journey to freedom.