Woman Gets Revenge On Husband By Making A Fake Shopping List

Author Karen Alpert has taken revenge on her lazy husband by sending him to the supermarket with a fake shopping list

US mummy blogger Karen Alpert, known online as Baby Sideburns, has revealed her ingenious plan to get revenge on her lazy husband and her post has now gone viral. The post is currently sitting at 53K shares, and 17K comments.

She took to her Facebook account to share her master plan, writing, “OMG my hubby has been lying on the couch all morning while I’m doing sooooo much stuff so I finally got super annoyed and send him to the grocery store with a special shopping list. And yes I turned my ringer off.”

The shopping list included such non-existent products like:
  • 3% milk
  • Seedless strawberries
  • Fat-free hummus
  • Wheat thing (the one in the blue box)
  • Unsour cream
  • Diet diet coke
  • Mellow cheese
  • Organic pop tarts

No word on if the husband thought 3% milk was just a regular bottle of milk that’s been 97% consumed. But apparently, he also thought Unsour Cream was just sour cream with added sugar. So he at least accomplished some of the list… sort of.


Many followers commented by sharing their own personal stories of incompetent partners. One mum wrote, “I sent my man to the store for black pepper and he text[ed] saying ‘I only see red, green, and yellow peppers. No black.”Another woman wrote, “When my mother was very young and naïve, her ex sent her to the grocery store for dingleberries.”

Rumour has it, the husband is still in the tissue box aisle wiping away his tears. But don’t worry, as soon as he’s done, he’ll be plotting his revenge- presumably by severely tightening all the jars around the house.