This Baby’s First Word Was Google. Yep! Google!

The Twitter clip of a baby’s first word being “Google” has gone viral.

What was your first word- mamma, dadda... maybe Google?

That’s right, “Google” was the first word of a Los Angeles couple's child. Bad news for the parents- the child thinks Google is its sole caretaker. Well, at least it didn’t say “Alta-Vista.”

Joe Pitt was holding his child when he said, “Hey Google, play the Baddy song.” His child then quickly followed with “Hey Google.”

Visibly taken aback, Joe calls after his wife, saying, “Clio! She just said Google.”

I think we can safely say, it’s only a matter of time until a man has to explain to his wife why his child just said, “Alexa.”

After Clio shared the video online, the clip has gained over 348,000 views and 12,000 likes on Twitter.

Some Twitter users suggested that Google needed to pay for the kid’s college fund, while others said the kid will probably be setting off all their devices.

 “Every day we stray further from the light,” @Ryu1303 said.

After the video went viral, the couple were contacted by the VP of Product Marketing Marvin Chow.

Since learning how to say, “Hey Google,” apparently the child has since listened to nursery rhymes on loop, turned the lights on and off five-thousand times, and also purchased a car. What a time to be alive! Also, if you like the clip, here's something you can do if you're feeling generous...