This 104-Year-Old’s Wish Was To Be Arrested And It Came True!

Law-abiding senior Anne Brokenbrow’s bucket list involved being arrested, so two cops did exactly that

Skydiving, meeting Brad Pitt, travelling the world- these are some of the things that might be on your bucket list. However, this wasn’t the case for 104-year-old Anne Brokenbrow of Bristol.

Anne has been an upstanding citizen and has never been arrested by police, so she decided this needed to change.

However, she didn’t go streaking during a soccer match, or illegally funnel money to the Cayman Islands, she just simply asked. It was all part of a charity event called the Wishing Washing Line initiative.

She wrote, “My wish is… to be arrested. I am 104 and I have never been on the wrong side of the law.”

Bristol Post, SWNS/Daily Mail

The initiative involved care home residents pegging their wishes on a ‘wishing washing line’ at a co-op store. Shoppers would then try to help make the wishes come true.

Luckily for Anne, two police officers came to her nursing home and arrested Mrs Brokenbrow, even taking her for a spin in their cop car.

“I had a lovely day. It was interesting. Nothing like that ever happened to me before. They put the handcuffs on, I had the lot,” Anne said to the Daily Mail.

Rob Cole, a police community support officer, said the wannabe criminal co-operated peacefully.

"When she saw us and the handcuffs were coming out, she went along with it then- she didn’t resist or anything,” PCSO Cole said.

“It was a very pleasant interlude. And it’s been a very eventful day,” said Anne.

We wish Anne a prosperous life of many more arrests… as soon as she’s released.