Google Employee Breaks World Record For Calculating Most Digits of Pi

In honour of Pi day, a Google employee has calculated the most digits of pi to 31.4 trillion decimal places.

Today is Pi day in most parts of the world. The day that we take a moment to celebrate the wonder of 3.14. In honour of Pi day, this article should take you approximately 3.14 minutes to get through! If it doesn’t, then you don’t truly appreciate the value of Pi.

A Google employee by the name of Emma Haruka Iwao has just broken the Guinness World Record for calculating the most digits of Pi. It was calculated to 31.4 trillion decimal places. Which was unfortunate news for the Guinness World Record adjudicator who had to check every number.

Apparently, Emma lost count at the three-trillion mark and had to start again. However, while it may seem like an extraordinary waste of time, it definitely is.


Emma was awarded the record, but admits to having some help from her team at Google, who used cloud technology to make the gigantic calculation. It took several virtual machines and 121 days to complete.

It probably would’ve been easier if she tried to break the record for the least number of digits from Pi, which is 3!

According to The Washington Post, Emma spoke of her achievement by saying, “We use Pi for everything in our daily lives- designing buildings, building brides, highways… Pi is one of the most important constants in mathematics.”

Not to take away from Emma’s fantastic achievement, but for most real-word uses, only a few hundred digits of pi is required.

Okay, your 3.14 minutes should be up now!