Cheese That Is Exposed To Hip-Hop Music Tastes Better

Cheese tasters are hopping over how hip-hop makes cheese more delicious

“Cheese in Surround Sound- a culinary art experiment.” No, that’s not the name of an abstract art exhibit from a bunch of hipsters. It was a recent cheese experiment conducted by students of the University of Arts Bern and veterinarian Beat Wampfler.

They wanted to test what kind of music would make eight wheels of “Muttengluck” Emmental cheese taste the best. For eight months straight, they played the cheese Mozart, A Tribe Called Quest, Yello, Led Zeppelin, techno, and sinusoidal sounds which are low-frequency sounds.

Once the eight months was complete, a blind taste test revealed that hip-hop music had resulted in the best tasting cheese. In other words, 50-Cent’s classic song could be called “In Da Club Sandwich!” No apologies for that one!

Wampfler revealed that the hip-hop cheese was “remarkably fruity, both in smell and taste, and significantly different from the other samples.” It sounds exciting, until Nicki Minaj has to perform to a crowd of people holding wheels of smelly Blue Cheese. But with the price of concert tickets these days, you may as well simultaneously improve the quality of your cheese.

Due to the positive test results, there’s no doubt that some of the world’s best hip-hop artists will now be referred to as Cardi Brie, G-Cheezy, and The Notorious. B. I. Gorgonzola. No apologies for those either!

Now, only one question remains- do string instruments like violins help the taste of string cheese? We’re on it!