Footy Club Offers Xboxes To Get Junior Recruits

A Victorian country AFL club has come up with a counterintuitive way to get teenagers off the couch to play sport – offering them a free Xbox One console.

Struggling to fill their Under-16 and Under-18 teams, the Kilcunda-Bass Junior Football Netball Club is offering the expensive bonus to players who register for those teams.

The only catch is that the juniors have to play for the full season to collect their bribe. Er, prize. Er, incentive.

"They're going to have to play all year – they can't just sign up and get an Xbox," Kilcunda-Bass Panthers President Brent Wallace told The Age.

"We'll hand them out at the end-of-year presentation day."

After all, the last thing you’d want is for your new recruits to get a taste for the round ball through FIFA 19.

Or try to handball through hitting X.

The only injury you’re at risk of getting playing AFL Evolution is RSI.
The only injury you’re at risk of getting playing AFL Evolution is RSI.

The club announced the offer through social media on Monday.

They had previously tried discounts on registration fees, but found that didn’t do much to encourage participation – as parents were footing the bills.

Whereas under this scheme, parents are basically going to buy their kids an Xbox One, and get a bonus footy season.

It could wind up an expensive exercise for the Panthers, but Mr Wallace said that it would pay for itself through gate takings and canteen.

And if it doesn’t, they can always reinvent themselves as an Esports club.