Energizer-Branded Phone Gives You 50 Days Of Charge – OI!

A new phone promises to provide unprecedented battery life – though it’s far from ultra-slim.

If you have problems with your phone dying or losing your charger, a newly launched phone could be the answer.

The new phone is said to have a battery which lasts up to 50 days on standby mode, allowing you to make up to 90 hours of calls, listen to 100 hours of music and watch around two days of video on a single charge.

The only problem with this great big battery is that it’s, well, a great big battery. Made by none other than a big battery company: Energizer.

Thought that’d surprise ya.

Launched at the Mobile World Congress this week in Barcelona, the Energizer PowerMax P18K Pop is 18mm thick, which is more than twice the average smartphone of today. And that extra width is all down to the massive 18,000mAH battery.

Depending on the size of your pockets, it might be better described as an immobile phone. In fact I’ve had landlines that were easier to carry around than that.

But the good news is it can double as a charging station for your other devices, which can be plugged into it via USB.

And a 50 day uptime would be fantastic if you wanted to go hiking, or trekking, or hunting… for where you left your charger 50 days ago.

When you do plug it in, it reportedly takes eight hours to fully charge.

Or you could just hook it up to your car and give it a jump start.