Chinese Teenager Buys Robot To Complete Her Homework

A 15-year-old has been caught using the help of a handwriting robot to do her homework

A Chinese teenager has been punished for finding an ingenious way of getting her homework done.

As reported in Qianjiang Evening News in China, a local woman discovered that her 15-year-old daughter was using a robot to help her complete her homework.

It's common practice in Chinese schools to copy text, sometimes even hundreds of times. This amazing robot had the ability to copy passages from textbooks and could also write essays. And even more amazingly, it doesn’t get carpel tunnel.

Her daughter had spent 800 yuan on the robot, which is equivalent to about $166 AUD. Which seems cheap for a metal frame that holds paper, and an arm that’s able to use a pen to write 40 Chinese characters per minute. If you can't get your hands on the handwriting robot, then maybe try these creepy fingers...


According to Yahoo news, there are a variety of fonts you can choose from, or you can even get the robot to replicate your own handwriting. Think of all the times she must’ve forged her mum’s signature on detention slips.

After discovering the robot in her daughter’s room, the mum destroyed it! Well, apparently the robot terminated itself after the mum showed it some terrible handwriting.

The daughter must be devastated. But rumour has it that she’s currently trying to source a robot that whispers you the answers to exam questions.