Senator McKenzie Under Fire For Appearing To Mock Overweight People

Deputy Nationals leader Bridget McKenzie has come under fire for posting a photograph of herself appearing to mock obese people at the National Obesity Summit.

She posed in front of a sign promoting the National Obesity Summit by puffing out her cheeks and cradling her belly.

It didn’t take long for the photo to begin spreading all over social media. Twitter user Rob Harris wrote “Very serious business” along with the photo of Senator McKenzie.

After the tweet picked up some steam, she issued an explanation to justify her very unfortunate pose by saying, “The issue of obesity is a matter I take very seriously and would never triavisie it- or to add in any way to stigmatisation. I sincerely apologise for this very unfortunate photo taken as I demonstrated how my stomach felt after scrambled eggs reacted w yogurt I had just eaten.”

Because often when you're feeling unwell, you're still up for creating a fun charismatic pose...

To add to her problems, she misspelled “trivialise,” while simultaneously admitting to not eating any vegetables at an Obesity summit.

If Senator McKenzie’s political career takes a hit, at least she can always fall back on a career in impersonations.